Side events (November 30 and December 1, 2021)
DAY 1 (Side Events)
Youth Congress Innovations Land Tenure Training Course (Part 1)
DAY 2 (Side Events)
Innovations Awards (Category 2 & 3) Land Tenure Training Course (Part 2)
Main Housing Forum (December 7-9, 2021)
Day 1 (Main Housing Forum)
Opening Plenary
Plenary 1: Housing as an economic driver for rebuilding the economy
Networking break
Building Resilient Cities and Communities
1. Fostering inclusive cities through slum upgrading
Innovative housing solutions and technologies
1. Advancing entrepreneurial shelter solutions
Advancing sustainability in the housing sector
1. Greening the housing value chain
Financing Affordable Housing
1. Leveraging public sector mechanisms
Networking break
2. Securing land, housing and property rights for all 2. Low cost affordable housing technologies 2. Launch of ADB's Housing for Resilience knowledge product 2. Use of financial technology solutions to exhibit access to affordable housing
DAY 2 (Main Housing Forum)
Plenary 2: Leveraging inclusive Partnerships in Affordable Housing Delivery to achieve scale
3. Improving access to housing for women and vulnerable groups 3. Enhancing design and constructions skills through digitalization and innovative technologies 3. Climate smart solutions for resilient housing 3. Promoting best practices in housing and cash transfer programming
Networking break
Plenary 3: Boosting Inclusive governance and cross-sectoral collaboration
Networking break
Networking dinner and innovations awards winners announcement
Day 3 (Main Housing Forum)
4. Building resilience through provision of urban infrastructure and basic services 4. Addressing housing vulnerabilities through rental housing 4. Rethinking the Urban Space 4. Innovative Cooperative housing financing options
Networking break
Closing Plenary
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